Mélita Richardson, RP, DTATI, EAO

Mélita is a professional and certified Art Therapist since 2007. She received a bachelor in Fine Arts (education) from Université de Moncton and her diploma in Art Therapy from TATI. She is currently studying Psychology at Brock University. Mélita believes in the art making process and in the ability of individuals to find appropriate self-direction in the psychological climate of empathy, honesty and caring. She is working in Art Therapy with various life situations such as grief, anxiety, stress, separation, self-esteem, ADD, ADHD, anger, and dementia.

She is treasurer of the Niagara Art Center in St. Catharines.

She is the new French Committee Member and translator for the Ontario Art Therapy Association.

She is a member in good standing of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

Mélita Richardson